Dialog about all


- Do you sell perfumes, soap, shampoo and skin-care products for men and women?
- Yes, we have been selling all these things since 1976.
- How many shops are there in the UK and worldwide?
- There are 130 shops in the UK and 300 worldwide.
- What ingredients do you use?
- We have been using only natural ingredients as far as possible, since our first shop was opened.
- Do you test your products on animals?
- We have been testing none of the products on animals since we started.
- Do you care about the environment?
- The Body Shop advertises itself through its philosophy, which is concerned about pollution, the environment and green issues. We have been reusing and recycling containers and bottles, for all these years. Each shop has a refill section.
- Do all your shops look alike?
- Yes, all the shops have a strong simple design, they are dark green, have wide open doors and a feeling of space and colour. They have all been carrying the distinctive yellow and green Body Shop logo for 20 years already.


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