Dialog about health

about health

- Take 2 tablets with water. Maximum 4 doses per day.
- I got what you said about water but could you explain about the doses?
- You shouldn't take more than 4 doses (8 tablets) in a 24-hour period.
- Heat oil and butter in a saucepan. When it starts to froth add garlic and mushrooms.
- Do you mean that I should add garlic and mushrooms when the butter starts to fry?
- Yes, and then cover the pan and shake at intervals to coat the mushrooms. Check regularly. Serve when they are cooked.
- I understand this but can you explain what I should do after I cover the pan?
- Uh... When you cover the pan shake it from time to time, so the mushrooms will be fried from all sides.
- I understand about washing my hair. But I am not sure how to hold the bottle of mousse.
- Hold the bottle with its bottom up and squeeze some mousse onto the palm of your hand.
- Do you mean that I press the can and get the mousse on my hand?

Health is the state of any living organism, in which he as a whole and all its organs are able to fully carry out its functions, the absence of disease, illness (detailed definitions of health below). For science, which studies health include: nutrition, pharmacology, biology, epidemiology, psychology (health psychology, developmental psychology, experimental and clinical psychology, social psychology), psychophysiology, psychiatry, pediatrics, medical sociology and medical anthropology, mental hygiene, and other defectology.

Human Health (health) is one of the functions of the state. Globally, the health of mankind is engaged in the World Health Organization.

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