About magazines


There are a lot of magazines and other periodicals available in Britain. Whatever your interest, there is likely to be a magazine about it - from sport, cookery and farming to religion, computers, cinema and more. 17% of British teenagers enjoy reading magazines that meet their interests.

It is a weekly magazine for girls around the age of 12-14 containing love stories in photographs and features on school, parents, romance, pop music and fashion. There is a lot of confidential chatter and advice on various areas of life. It is called Jackie.

Before your granny buys you yet another bottle of shampoo for Christmas, we've got a much better idea! Imagine having every issue of Shout delivered to your house... just think, every fortnight you'll get all the latest gossip on your favourite pop, film and soap stars, brilliant fashion and beauty, fab competitions and exciting features sent to you for the same price as you'd pay in the shops!

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