TV in Britain

British TV

Watching television is the most popular leisure activity in Britain - on average, the British watch over 26 hours of television each week. Nearly every household has at least one television set. Almost three quarters have a video recorder. On an average day 80 per cent of the population tune into TV. At some time 94 per cent watch TV during the week.

TV watching is listed as the 1st most popular activity in British homes. Then comes visiting or entertaining friends and relatives, next comes listening to radio, after that - listening to records, compact discs and tapes. Reading is listed as the fifth most popular pastime in Britain.

Britain's TV audience share
ITV - 40,3%
BBC 1 - 33,1%
Channel 4/S4C - 10,4%
BBC 2 - 9,6%
Cable and satellite - 6,7%


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