Children's parties in Great Britain


Halloween parties have a theme. Children dress as witches and ghosts. You’ve already read about a balloon party. Can you guess the themes of these parties? Yes, they are celebrating a teddy bear birthday party and a football birthday party. What have they made for these parties? A cake in the form of a football field and a cake in the form of a teddy bear. Look at this boy. What has he got in his hands? It’s a cake in the form of a ship. For this sort of theme party children make a lot of things: fancy dress, party masks, party hats, place markers, name badges, invitations, cakes and posters. The parties which children like to celebrate most of all are birthday parties and Christmas parties. At a birthday party there is always a cake on the table with candles. If you want to know how old the child is you should count the candles.

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