Different dialogues


Shopping. You are in a bookshop. Ask for a book by B. Potter. Ask how much it is.

Good morning.
Good morning.
Have you got a book by B. Potter?
Yes, we have.
How much is it?
Its 2.95.
Thank you very much.

Takeaway. You are near a pizza restaurant and a hamburger bar. Decide where to go and then buy some takeaway food and drinks.

Where shall we go? To the hamburger bar or the pizza restaurant?
Lets go to the hamburger bar.
Hello. What would you like?
Two hamburgers, please.
Anything else?
Yes, two orange juices, please.
Here you are.

Telephone talk. Phone your friend and invite him/her out. Say where and when you will meet.

Hello. Could I speak to Peter, please?
Certainly, just a moment.
Hello, Peter speaking.
Hello, its Mike here. Lets go to a concert tonight.
Good idea. Where shall we meet?
Lets meet near the concert hall.
What time?
At a quarter to seven.
See you later then.

At a post office. Youre at a post office. Buy some stamps.

Could I have six stamps, please?
Here you are.
Thank you very much.

At a bus stop. Find out what number bus you must take to get to Oxford Street. Ask how far it is.

Excuse me.
Does this bus go to Oxford Street, please?
No, it doesnt. You should take bus number...
And how far is it?
About four stops.
Thank you.

Asking the time. Go and ask the time.

Excuse me, please. Could you tell me the time?
Yes, its half past ten.
Thank you.
Youre welcome.

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