Drama: At a Playday Party


Mam: There's a card for you, Robert.

Robert: Can I go, Mum? Its a Play day.

Mam: Of course you can.

Robert: I'll be home about seven. What shall 1 wear?

Mam: What about your blue pullover?

Robert: OK. Shall I write and say I'm coming?

Mum: Yes. Say that you'll be happy to go.

Party Clown: Enjoy your meal, children. I have some name badges and hats for you. Put them on. Now I'll read you a story. This story is about an elephant and a fly. They live in the circus. The fly is very young but the elephant is very old. The fly is very small and the elephant is very big. The elephant is very slow but the fly is very fast. The elephant is very fat and the fly is very thin. The fly likes dry days and the elephant likes wet days. The fly likes to play and the elephant likes to work. The fly is very messy but the elephant is very neat. The fly is always happy but the elephant is always sad. Why? ...because he cant leave the circus but the fly can fly where he likes.

Now write your own story of opposites. The winner can eat as many hamburgers and drink as many drinks as he likes. Thatll be the prize.

Please dont leave your boxes on the tables. Please put litter in its place.

Robert: Im sorry Im late.

Jane: Come and join us, Robert.

Robert: Id like...

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