First success


I had a fantastic opportunity to improve my English this summer. I studied at one of the summer schools not far from London. I stayed in the family and made friends with them. Jacky, the child in the family, became my close friend. We had fun playing computer games, watching videos and going sightseeing together. I was keen on reading books in English. I only lived there for two weeks but next time I wish I could have stayed twice as long and continued practising my English.

I was glad to be free from school. The worst thing about school is that I have to read so much. And I hate reading! It takes so much time. And what's more... Books themselves take up a lot of space. They collect dust on the shelves when you are not reading them. And they get damaged. And newspapers. Oh ... they make my hands dirty and the print is usually so small. My eyes get tired. So, I spent all of my free time playing computer games and enjoyed watching my favourite TV programmes. I recommend joining computer and video clubs. It's totally wonderful and it'll help you to escape from the problems of your school life.

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