Other games


A game: Fortune-teller.
a) Work in a group of four or five. Write on a sheet of paper one sentence about what will happen to your classmate in the future. You can write something realistic or fantastic. Fold the paper over and pass it on to each other. Then read your fortune.
b) Work in the same groups. Each group is responsible for some months of the year. Write horoscopes for these months on cards and put them up in the classroom for everyone to read.

A game: Lets dress a man. You need a dice and a counter. Draw a man, throw a dice and move your counter according to the number on the dice. Whatever clothes you land on draw them on the man and write their names. You can throw the dice 10 times. The person who dresses the man properly first is the winner.

A game: What is your name? Choose a name for yourself. Dont tell your classmate. Ask each other questions and guess each others names.

A game: Who can lay the table quickest? You need a dice and a counter. Choose the tea table or the breakfast table, throw the dice and move the counter according to the number on the dice. If the food can go on your table, write down the word and draw a picture if you like. If the food can't go on your table, wait for the next turn. The person who lays the table quickest is the winner. Good luck. Start the game.

A handwriting game. Who gets more capital and break letters? Throw a dice and go through the alphabet.

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