Different dialogues

Shopping. You are in a bookshop. Ask for a book by B. Potter. Ask how much it is... read more


Welcome to Brighton... read more

Children's parties in Great Britain

Halloween parties have a theme. Children dress as witches and ghosts. Youve already read about a balloon party... read more


Aspirin is one of the safest and most effective drugs ever invented. Many people take aspi when they have a headache. It is effective in relieving other pains, too... read more

Part-time jobs

A survey by Wall's, a company which makes ice cream, shows that the average teen receives about GBP 2.71 in pocket money per week... read more

School terms

There are normally three school terms in Britain: autumn, spring and summer terms... read more

Problems in secondary school

In primary school, a child's life is simple. Children form a close relationship with one familiar teacher. On entering secondary school, however, a new more difficult world opens up... read more


Britain has a rich history. The British Tourist Authority (BTA) has selected almost 600 of our famous historic sites - castles, gardens, monuments, cathedrals, etc... read more

Dialog about all

- Do you sell perfumes, soap, shampoo and skin-care products for men and women?... read more

Dialog about health

- Take 2 tablets with water. Maximum 4 doses per day... read more

Dialog about food

- Brown the hamburger and onions in a pan, add tomato sauce and water... read more

Britain is an island

Britain is an island. It is also part of Europe. Are the British true Europeans?... read more


Explore Europe's Biggest Underwater Tunnel of Brighton Seaside Centre and enjoy a spectacular view of life beneath the waves. Other facilities include the fascinating Sea Lab, Ocean Film Theatre, Restaurants and Gift Shop... read more

Interview with director of school

- Mr Daymond, I think that you are the best person to describe the system of education for our audience. What types of school are there in Britain?... read more

European Community

Overseas trade has been very important to Britain's economy for hundreds of years. In the past, its trade was centred on the Commonwealth and the United States. Joining the European Community brought many changes... read more

St petersburg erotic massage

When you think about traveling in Russia, Saint-Petersburg city, dont forget about beautiful Russian girls. The city itself is popular because of wonderful white nights and one of the biggest museums in the world Hermitage, but many russian girls over there provide different sexual services to spend your time after business and cultural tours... read more

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