About magazines

There are a lot of magazines and other periodicals available in Britain. Whatever your interest, there is likely to be a magazine about it - from sport, cookery and farming to religion, computers, cinema and more... read more

Most popular TV shows in Britain

Here are short descriptions of popular programmes on British TV. Which of them are the most popular with Britain's young people?... read more

Young people in America

Young people in America have their own style, their own language, and, of course, their own magazines that are unlike any others... read more

TV in Britain

Watching television is the most popular leisure activity in Britain - on average, the British watch over 26 hours of television each week. Nearly every household has at least one television set... read more

Poll about TV

- What do you think of TV programmes, Bill?... read more

The soap operas in Britain

The soap operas "Coronation Street", "EastEnders" and "Neighbours" are extremely popular with British TV viewers. They attract audiences of over 16 mln... read more

Opinions about soap operas

Kerrie: I sometimes watch soaps, but usually I find them a bit boring. I think EastEnders is good in the way it shows how much racial prejudice there is in Britain... read more

Radio song

When I was in America I heard the American radio stations which were really "hot stuff" and I thought "this is great, I wanna do it"... read more

Newspapers in Britain

National daily newspapers in Britain are of two kinds: quality papers and tabloids (popular papers). Although some people disapprove of the tabloids, more people buy them than serious newspapers... read more

Just look at advertising!

In adverts kids are always healthy, happy and well-off. That's not true! All the women seem to be beautiful and slim. All the men seem to love their household chores... read more

Magazines in Britain

The most popular weekly magazines are the "Radio Times" and "TV Times". Then comes the "Reader's Digest". "What car?" is listed the fourth, "National Geographic" is the fifth and the last magazine in the list is "Exchange and Mart"... read more

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