About music

I am sorry now that I was never too concerned about the music my kids listened to in the mid-60s and 70s. It was destroying. Parents should be very careful about cassettes and CDs they buy for their children... read more

What do we know about music?

from the Greek. musike, letters. - The art of music), an art form in which the means of translating art images are organized in a certain way music sounds.

Main elements and expressive means of music - harmony, rhythm, meter, tempo, dynamics gromkostnaya, timbre, melody, harmony, melody, instrumentation.

Music recorded in musical notation, and is realized in the execution process.

Adopted by the division of music on the secular and spiritual.

By means of performing music is divided into vocal (singing), instrumental and vocal and instrumental.

Music is often combined with the choreography, theater, cinema.

There are monophonic music (monody) and polyphonic (homophony, polyphony).

Music is divided: the genera and species - theater (opera, etc.), symphonic, chamber, etc., into genres - song, chant, dance, march, a symphony, suite, sonata, etc.

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