My week


I believe that having a good time is the most important thing in the world. What a busy holiday I had! I've had a fantastic trip to France! I can't even remember what I did. I loved camping with friends, building campfires, taking long walks and lying in the sun. I advise you visiting some other countries.

I have an obsession, about money, and when they are I do not have enough to go on a date and you need me to pursue the idea that to me is not enough, and I'll get into some not pleasant situation. And about 4 months and I tried to pump its financial component.

How can I tell you on another blog, which will be dedicated to my work.

I did quite a big break in relations with the girls, because all of the time was spent on the job, but after a couple of months, I have established a business so that he began to bring me the same money at work in an hour or two a day, and I had a free time.

I called my friend and we agreed on a joint exit ... but for me it was a failure, I had forgotten almost everything, and all of these approaches did not bring me more pleasure ... something went wrong and again I took a break.

I went back to the Internet ... Wednesday, where I talk much more comfortable and began to invent new openers, and I found a very interesting option, bottle opener, which brought great results ... what is this opener, I would not want the credit if you are interested email me and I will share it.

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