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Charles and Diana

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Would you like to become famous? What to expect from his glory? Every person has the desire to be famous, but where it leads? In fact, it is better not to bother thinking about it. You just need to love what you do and do not refer to the authorities.

Re-examining their views on different things, you start on a different measure and what is happening around them. After all, what is popular in our time? That's right, it is earning on it. If you are a singer or a pathetic person, then you can find application in the entertainment business. Only you will be perceived as a toy, and you yourself will begin to look at people differently. No longer be any cordiality so simple, if only for the money. Become one of the "pop prostitutes" in the best case, about which it will be remembered only as long as the song popular.

While this may be enough to be happy. Famous, yet be well. But you can not zybyvat that idiots everywhere. You can amass a celebrity of his many enemies and haters.

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