Mike likes to go to cafes. He goes to a cafe every Saturday with John and Peter. On Sundays he usually goes to the cinema. He likes music, so he often buys cassettes. He has a cat. Its black and white. He is wearing brown trousers and an orange sweater. He is playing chess now. He can play chess on his computer. His hobby is photography.

Colin goes out at six oclock every morning and plays basketball. He plays basketball every day and tennis every Saturday. He likes sports very much. He is playing tennis in the park now. He usually has ham and eggs, some toast and a glass of orange juice for breakfast. Colin has a pet dog. Its name is Fido. Its black and grey. Colin always goes to bed at 10 oclock.

David goes to school on foot. For breakfast he usually eats grapefruit. He likes bananas too. He likes to go to the discos. David can dance very well. He is listening to music and dancing now. His hobby is cooking. In the evening he likes to watch videos. He has got a hamster. Its yellow.

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