Radio song

Radio Song

When I was in America I heard the American radio stations which were really "hot stuff" and I thought "this is great, I wanna do it".

Now Capital is as good as American commercial radio stations, but we've had to catch them up because they've been doing it so long.

There are so many advantages to be a D.J. Obviously, if you're on a station like Capital you earn good money. But there are also lots of other things you can do, like adverts, appearances, television and all through being at Capital and having your name associated with this brilliant station.

What I really like about being a D.J. is when you have guests in. I'm especially lucky because my shows have all the special guests on. I loved it when once bands such Colour Me Bad and Boys 11 Men, came in. They are really talented. They came in and sang live. I found that a real buzz!

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