School form

School form

School uniforms is a service uniform for students during their time at school and at official school activities outside of school.

School uniforms discipline and promotes development in the students a sense of community, teamwork, common cause and having common goals.

Single standard form ensures that the clothing students will meet sanitary requirements and adversely affect their health.

Form - the egalitarian element of education and training. The requirement to wear the form is in itself a form of violence against the person.

We wear a uniform at our school. I wear a black blazer, a black skirt and a white blouse. We wear red and white hats, grey tights or socks, black or brown shoes and white gloves.

Our school colours are blue and red. We wear black trousers, black shoes, blue blazers with red stripes, blue pullovers, blue ties with red stripes and white shirts.

Our school colours are blue, grey and red. We wear blue skirts, red blazers with grey stripes, grey pullovers, blue or black ties with white stripes and white blouses. We wear grey tights and black shoes. Sometimes we wear grey and red scarves and gloves.

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