Opinions about soap operas

soap opera

Kerrie: I sometimes watch soaps, but usually I find them a bit boring. I think EastEnders is good in the way it shows how much racial prejudice there is in Britain.

Dan: I always promised myself that I'd never be one of those people who rushed home to watch my favourite soap - but I don't like missing Coronation Street! I really got into it last year when I was staying at my mum's house. The story line is so interesting!

David: Escape with a soap! I watch Neighbours and Coronation Street. I used to watch EastEnders quite a lot, but my mum thinks it has become too violent recently. Soaps are a bit of escapism, they depict life unrealistically, but they're not harmful really.

Julie: When I've got time I watch Coronation Street and EastEnders. I think the acting is pretty good and soaps deserve more respect than they get. They're not trash!

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