The soap operas in Britain

soap operas

The soap operas "Coronation Street", "EastEnders" and "Neighbours" are extremely popular with British TV viewers. They attract audiences of over 16 mln.

"Coronation Street" Channel 3
20.90 mln. TV viewers

"EastEnders" BBC 1
20.21 mln. TV viewers

"Neighbours" BBC 1
16.09 mln. TV viewers

"Coronation Street" is about the everyday life of several families who live in the same street in a town in the North of England, with a pub at one end and a corner shop at the other. The programme is broadcast three times a week and has been running since 1960.

"EastEnders" is a serial story on the daily lives and emotional experiences of a group of people broadcast on BBC 1 since 1985. The story centres on the lives of several families living in Albert Square, an imaginary location in the East End of London, and includes moral and other topical issues. The programme is transmitted twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

"Neighbours" is transmitted on BBC 1 daily since 1985. The series, which is Australian in origin, is very popular with young viewers and deals with the personal lives of the families on a particular street.

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