Poll about TV

Poll about TV

- What do you think of TV programmes, Bill?

- Most TV programmes for teenagers and young adults are really bad. They want to be good but they're not.

- And what do you watch on TV, Jessica?

- What do I watch on telly? Oooh - let me think. Well, I like cartoons, old films, comedy series, soap operas - things like that. It's rubbish, I know - but who cares? I enjoy it.

- What about you, Phil?

- I am a telly addict. I watch TV 4 or 5 hours a day. It doesn't really matter what the programmes are. I just use them to relax.

- Is there anything for your taste on TV, Marsha?

- There are some brilliant programmes these days; some of the pop shows, for example. I like wildlife programmes too. There are lots of good things - you just have to look for them, that's all.

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