Young people in America


Young people in America have their own style, their own language, and, of course, their own magazines that are unlike any others. What are the most read teen magazines and what kind of information do teens get from them?

There are a lot more ads for fashion and less for skin creams. There isn't any star-gazing here, and not much confidential chatter. Indeed, where Sassy and Teen try to act as pal, parent, fashion consultant and doctor, Seventeen gives greater independence to its audience. It's for the teen in transition, girls who are preparing to read Vogue, Cosmopolitan and other more mature women's magazines.

So far it seems like girls are the only ones who read magazines. But look in the opposite direction and you'll find Sports Illustrated For Kids. This is one of the most popular youth magazines to be published in years. It covers top athletes and top sports, with short and colourful articles. It is a combination of magazine and colourful book.

So just what are American teens learning from these magazines? Sassy editor Jane Pratt says, "Being a teenager is such a troubling time... At the same time, there's that feeling that anything is possible and that you will live forever." Idealism is practically synonymous with being a teenager. This is what makes being a teen so exciting, confusing and dangerous.

But there's the reality of the 1990s - drugs, fatal drunk-driving accidents and AID. So behind all the make-up hints and movie reviews, there are serious things too. These magazines educate and inform teens about health care, because after all, AID doesn't care about your clothes or your dreams for the future.

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